Masterplanning CO2 reduction

The challenge
According to the Climate Agreement, Industry faces quite the challenge. 49% of the CO2 emissions have to be reduced by 2030, with rising CO2 taxes as the main method to achieve this reduction. With possible CO2 prices of €150 per ton, a changing environment, and rapid developments in the available technologies, a step by step approach is required to ensure that the industry stays both compliant and profitable.

CO2 masterplanning
Bilfinger Tebodin provides a step by step approach to create a master plan for your road to CO2 reduction. By looking at the processes, the ambitions of the company, and the environment in which your company operates, we can analyze the potential, risks, and costs to create a route map for 2030. By integrating the stakeholder management, the HSE aspects, and the engineering practices, we will help you reduce the CO2 emissions and increase the profitability of your company in a master plan to ensure your plant is future proof.


Joost Zittema

Joost Zittema

Business Consultant

Phone: +31 6 15 04 78 16

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