Industrial 360º: first steps towards a digital plant

Making changes in production processes and production plants is not always straightforward. You need good insight in the present situation, preferably digital, to share and discuss. For conducting quick inspections for quality audits for instance, or to monitor the progress of construction work. In these cases, good, fast and a photorealistic insight in the current situation of the site is very helpful.

Bilfinger Tebodin offers a Google street view environment with ‘Industrial 360º’. Low budget, fast and approachable. We capture industrial sites photorealistically and combine these with 3D point data from the site itself. In no time this becomes a transparent information model in HD. Virtual equipment can be tagged with extra information and linked to existing databases.

Click the image below for a preview:

The virtual walkthrough with Industrial 360º can be used for many purposes. The visualization for tender packages, visualization of equipment for training, for all kinds of safety inspections, maintenance objectives and turnarounds. It gives fast, user-friendly and very cost-effective insight in your present plant situation. 

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