Energy Transition & Solutions

Developments regarding the energy transition and climate agreement in Europe are evolving at a rapid pace. Next to multiple opportunities, this changing industrial climate creates significant challenges and uncertainties for companies with regard to their future investments. 

It also presents a liability for the bottom line, with increasing costs for both energy and emissions. Fortunately, laws and regulations are not the only factors that are changing. The available technologies are continuously improving, with increased efficiencies, lower operational costs, and expanded solutions to engineering challenges. We support the industry in energy transition, offering the best-available technologies and services for power and utility companies, as well as for the private industry.

We help you makes this transition an opportunity, not a challenge. It becomes economically viable, and we show you the way to benefit from it.

Take a look below for examples of various solutions related to energy transition. Among them are projects in:

•    Energy efficiency and electrification
•    Waste heat utilization and heat grids
•    CO2-capture, utilization and storage 
•    Electrical grids
•    Biomass