Cradle to Cradle

The quality of your products is improving – they can be reused and you can achieve cost savings. The Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification process allows you to identify, in a reliable and trustworthy manner, just how closely your products conform to C2C principles. The certification process is an enabler for product development with maximum reusability. Using proven technologies, Bilfinger Tebodin’s certified consultants guarantee a closed eco-system, through which the annual costs for fixed items such as waste, energy and water can be drastically reduced. Bilfinger Tebodin is the smart partner for realizing your C2C ambitions.

Airopack & Method – a greener future

Airopack produces innovative packaging for cosmetics and care products utilising recycled PET, with a pump-system that uses compressed air in place of propellant, making harmful chemical propellants redundant. Method, a pioneer that markets environmentally-friendly cleaning products and air-fresheners, has chosen to partner with Airopack. Method approached Bilfinger Tebodin to analyse its production plant for the filling of toilet fresheners in accordance with C2C principles as part of its certification process. C2C certification helps Method to validate its production chain and to highlight how it can be improved over time, with the objective of lowering costs and reducing wastewater.

Silver standard

Bilfinger Tebodin visited the Method plant where the containers are manufactured and filled to gather detailed information on energy consumption, water consumption, ingredients, waste products and corporate social responsibility. This analysis contributed to the awarding of C2C silver-level accreditation. C2C certification has five levels and the level of certification is awarded according to specific criteria.

Modulogreen: vertical green façades

Modulogreen and Mostert De Winter approached Bilfinger Tebodin for the certification of their Modulogreen Green Façade system. The certification contributed to the realisation, by Mosterd De Winter, of the largest green climate façade in the world (over 2,150m2) in which air is extracted from the building by the system and purified by the vegetation, at the Venlo municipal office.

Silver solution

Following a successful initial trajectory, whereby a basis-certificate was awarded in only 4 weeks, Modulogreen approached Bilfinger Tebodin with the request as to how to redesign their product, so as to achieve a higher level of certification. In 2016, Bilfinger Tebodin re-analysed the product which resulted in Modulogreen receiving silver level accreditation.


Modulogreen® is a modular vertical garden for use as a wall façade. A Modulogreen® façade consists of a number of modules, designed for a variety of specific case requirements. Modulogreen® is designed to absorb CO2 and fine dust to improve air quality, using limited water, and is designed to have insulating and soundproofing properties.


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C2C basic certificate for two water-bottling companies in Lithuania.
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