Cost Control Service to support your investment decisions

Every investment project has cost control challenges. When making changes to industrial processes or building completely new facilities: cost control is a baseline condition for any investment. Over the years Bilfinger Tebodin has gained a lot of knowledge on costs of many projects, in many countries. This knowledge is available for you. For in depth information on comparable projects or to have an international benchmark. You can learn from our realized projects as from 2010. And with every project, the database is getting richer.

With this extensive knowledge on industrial costs, consultants of Bilfinger Tebodin offer cost control service. To help you with cost control in all phases of the development of your (new) facility. From feasibility study, through design and procurement phase to managing suppliers during construction. 

The database enables our consultants to compare monitored costs over the last years in different countries and their progress in time. The available data material can provide detailed views on specific parts of costs including a benchmark for all countries in the region – Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. 

In the database, data of more than 100 EPCm projects is included. An analysis of construction costs, using the database can provide you with a total cost summary and costs of specified parts of the construction. Like grading works, load bearing structures, concretes and roads. Included is a building cost ratio for all monitored construction parts per country as well. The analysis can also show possible progress, trends and expected development in construction costs in the coming years, specified per part if needed. The data is always up to date because collection of data continues with every project we finish.

That’s how we make your investment projects work. As cost effective as possible.


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