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NEW! Construction cost analysis in Russia 2020

Based on 25 years’ experience of work in Russian market, our Bilfinger Tebodin experts conducted a research and found out what are the current local trends in the construction field and how much it will cost to build a plant in the particular industry. Now all this information is available for everyone, and we are happy to present you a brochure with a general construction cost analysis of an industrial facility in Russia.

Construction of a technically complex facility, such as an industrial enterprise, should certainly be treated as implementation of a unique project. The result you will get at the end directly depends on many factors, such as project strategy you apply (EPC, EPCM, PMC), technology, project execution plan and others. Investors should remember that different project stages require in-time decision-making. And we are ready to support them and provide with our expertise and knowledge.

This document contains visual information on the influence of particular project stage implementation on its costs, and also includes factors that should be taken into account to avoid undesirable budget growth.

The brochure will be useful for customers who are planning to launch a new production on the market and want to keep up with current prices and trends.

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Construction cost analysis in Central & Eastern Europe 2019 

Our experts analyse the construction market annually. We are happy to introduce the edition of 2019.

Over the years Bilfinger Tebodin has gained a lot of knowledge on costs of many projects, in many countries. This knowledge is available for you. This analysis summarizes our knowledge of costs on the European market across different sectors, from industrial and commercial to technological. It is based on Bilfinger Tebodin cost database created over the years 2008 –2019 and contains actual prices from the market. 

We see many similarities within the region of Central & Eastern Europe in terms of costs. The only reliable approach to keep your costs is to follow them from early design stages by preparing relevant cost estimates at each design level. A proper cost management during the pre-construction phase along with well-prepared procurement strategy for the selection of one or more contractors ensures the best contracted prices achievable on the market for the client.

Martin Dittrich, Business Development Director:

‘If you want to build a new warehouse, for example, you can easily refer to this document to get a general vision of the cost yourself. it also describes how the price in each region is formed’

 You can read and download the white paper by clicking on the image below.



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