We make your scale up work

Are you:

  • an ambitious (corporate) startup?
  • with a scalable technology to make production processes circular or produce chemicals from biomass instead of fossil fuels?
  • making a positive impact on development of the Circular Economy (CE) or Bio Based Economy?
  • looking for engineering support, expertise, partners to invest or clients and suppliers?

Then Bilfinger Tebodin invites you to join us in a partnership to pilot your process and soon scale up to a full-scale process plant. Bilfinger Tebodin supports Circular Economy startups and technologies to successfully scale up. To do so we use three main ingredients: knowledge, network and investment partners. And of course we offer a dedicated support team and pool of experts who are excited to create impact and accelerate the transition towards a new economy.

Why partner with Bilfinger Tebodin?

Affordable consultancy & engineering 
Together we design and build a cost effective pilot or demo plant to prove your feasibility. This is vital to get investors and future clients onboard. You will work with a dedicated team of experts on a structured scaling and engineering process.


Use our global network
Connect for circularity through our global network. Our clients are looking for opportunities to close loops or transform to biobased products. We will link you in our network, as customers or stakeholders may need your technology or could supply products that may serve as a starting point for your idea.


Shorten time to market
Bilfinger Tebodin has the expertise to scale your technology in the most efficient way. You have the ambition to grow fast! By having resources from our partnership -knowledge, expertise, network and investment partners- you will save valuable time. Time is essential to respond quickly to a fast growing market.


Access to financing and enhanced credibility
Diverse green-tech investment funds have teamed up with Bilfinger Tebodin. They support in assessing your business case feasibility. Depending on the right fit between your idea and the green-tech investment fund, they finance your idea and Bilfinger Tebodin’s engineering services.


A phased scale up process


The scale up process exists of four phases:

Idea, study & lab phase
Goal: Test feasibility of the process and gain understanding of your process parameters and efficiency.
Partnering with Bilfinger Tebodin? Once feasibility has been successfully tested on lab scale and you have written a business plan, we are happy to discuss the next steps with you!


Pilot Plant
Goal: Design and build a cost effective pilot plant to prove feasibility and get investors and clients onboard.
Why partner with Bilfinger Tebodin? Working together as one team we will support you with our knowledge, expertise, network and investment partners, while solving some last design challenges.


Demo Plant
Goal: Build the first of a kind demonstration plant to give confidence towards investors and clients that the technology is ready for commercial scale up and deployment.
Why partner with Bilfinger Tebodin? We have all disciplines and systems in-house to efficiently design plants of this scale and to support in construction, permitting and obtaining subsidies.


Goal: Scale up to commercial size and deploy one or multiple facilities.
Why partner with Bilfinger Tebodin? Bilfinger Tebodin has the expertise to scale your technology in the most efficient way based on experience from the previous phases. Bilfinger Tebodin has longstanding experience in the design of large scale facilities in various sectors. If you opt for a smaller scale modular approach. No problem, we have ample experience with skid building and we can bring our module construction partner on-board!


Working in a partnership

Many disruptive innovations come from (corporate) startups. Startups require a different approach than a conventional engineering process. Working as one team in a partnership effectuates the most efficient approach! Possibly with a business model in which Bilfinger Tebodin also invests time in the first phase, which is rewarded with an incentive once we have scaled up the technology successfully together. It goes without saying that you will stay owner of the Intellectual Property (IP).

We are looking for opportunities that are:

  • new, still under development and not widely implemented or used yet;
  • in a development stage as pilot plant or higher;
  • technically feasible and commercially marketable;
  • sustainable business opportunity;
  • supported by a committed team with demonstrated experience in setting up (or failure of) a business.

The process

The partnering process consists of the following steps:

  • Fill in our quick scan form, so we understand your opportunity. We perform a quick scan based on the form, advise you on points of attention and determine if we can support you.
  • A speed date during which you pitch your idea, where you get to know us in person, get the opportunity to consult our experts and see if we can match a team.
  • Discussion and agreement regarding terms and conditions, to manage expectations and have a transparent cooperation.
  • A one day workshop during which we look into your value chain and jointly assess how to create sustainable value.
  • Setting up a project plan and start the partnership, based on the outcomes above.


Wouter van Gerwen

Wouter van Gerwen

Phone: +31 6 26 14 69 31


Bilfinger Tebodin in the media: upscaling circular start-ups in Sustainable Business life

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