Circular Production Scan

Cost reduction with Circular Production Scan
Manufacturers want to produce sustainable, preferably towards a zero footprint. As cost efficient as possible. It starts with the quick wins. Energy savings, insulation and a lot of other minor measures can make a difference. The next step will be sustainable manufacturing towards circular production.

1,5 day scan to improve
Therefore, you need insight in the impact of operational business data. Possible improvements become obvious. For this purpose, Bilfinger Tebodin developed the Circular Production Scan. In 1,5 days you can start to improve with the insights of the scan.

Reduce costs and CO2 footprint
Analysis of your cost and environmental data to spot the business case and identify opportunities and innovations. It will help you reduce costs and CO2 footprint.

Smarter investment decisions
Better return on investments for making smarter investment decisions as a result of in depth insights in data and CO2 impact.


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