Bilfinger Tebodin B.V.

Our life cycle approach

Our life cycle approach

Services we provide

As soon as opportunities arise, anywhere, we respond as quickly as we can. Two essential factors determine our package of services. On the one hand our clients’ needs lead us to develop new initiatives whenever and wherever necessary. On the other hand, we closely monitor economic, technical and social developments which may offer new opportunities for clients.

We add value to your investment project with our services, from the first idea to the operational phase, and beyond. In trusted relationship with our clients, we further optimize our services, so you can concentrate on your core business. And at any stage of your project, across borders, we safeguard your assets with international standards in QHSE and project management. 

This is our Life Cycle approach 

Full range of services

Our services range from concept development, to design and engineering, and to execution and operation. We take care of adjustments to changes in markets and production: efficiency improvements, extensions, and turnarounds. At the end of the life cycle of the asset, we help to recycle it.

All-round, across borders

We grew into this all-round model organically, with experience on actual projects, across borders. We are familiar with local rules and regulations enabling us to make the proper design and get the required permits timely. 

Being up to speed with local conditions in many countries also helps us to help our clients select the right suppliers and construction contractors for the job.

Last but not least, we are in a position to efficiently carry out on-site construction management to ensure safe and quality build within planning and budget. 

 Trusted partnerships

We are always in conversation with our long-term international clients, to optimize our services to them with the lessons learned. These trusted partnerships often lead to a new level in cooperation, beyond frame contracts - sincere partnerships with unrivaled consistency, efficiency and flexibility. It has made our clients and us frontrunners in several markets.

Safeguarding your assets

Your assets are at the core of our services. This core, and all of our services, are continually safeguarded by our international standards in Quality, Health, Safety & Environment and Project Management. 

A step further

The coupling of the ingenuity of an engineer with the passion of a service provider has been taken a step further in our partnership with Bilfinger. When desired, Bilfinger Tebodin can smoothly add services of a Bilfinger sister company to a project, for example automation or maintenance, forming a complete solution.