Sustainable solutions

With the world’s population increasing and globalization on the rise, it has become clear that our planet’s precious resources are under pressure. As a key facilitator in industrial processes, we have a tremendous responsibility: not only to our employees and our clients, but also to society and the future of our planet. At Bilfinger Tebodin, we take a proactive stance towards minimizing the impact of our operations.  

Many of our clients in the industrial sector now strive for sustainable production and have either transitioned or begun transitioning to a circular business model. We have the knowledge and the proven track-record to support them in this transformation in the most cost effective manner. Our team provides all the technical solutions necessary to scale-up new technologies for use on an industrial scale in order to realize a more circular economy in which raw materials and waste products are reused like with: 

  • Bioethanol plants 
  • Biofuels 
  • Synthetic fuels 
  • Bioplastics 
  • Biomass production 
  • Recycling 
  • Waste to Chemicals 
  • Waste to Energy 


EPCM Services for Clariant 

Bilfinger Tebodin provides EPCM services for a commercial-scale plant that produces 2nd generation bioethanol from agricultural residues in the Craiova region of Romania. The new Sunliquid ® plant will be the first 2nd generation bioethanol sunliquid plant of this size in the world.


Basic Engineering for Mineralz Greenfield Plant 

Bilfinger Tebodin received the award for Basic Engineering after creating a conceptual design for the new Mineralz greenfield plant. We further developed the conceptual design into an optimized process and Basic Engineering package that included wastewater treatment which would reuse the greatest amount of water possible.


Engineering an Industrial Biogas Plant for Green Create 

Bilfinger Tebodin provides consultancy and engineering services to Green Create for an industrial biogas plant that processes chicken manure. Green Create builds, owns, and operates integrated, biological waste-to-value systems. They requested that we assist them by increasing the engineering capacity needed for the project.  


Scaling a New Technology from Alucha up for Circular Production 

Alucha is a startup based on a circular model that invented a process which separates dried paper sludge into reusable minerals and in turn, converts the sludge back into its raw natural components. These can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels. Bilfinger Tebodin helped Alucha develop its first industrial-sized production unit. 


Wouter Slotema

Wouter Slotema

Manager Engineering

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Martin Dittrich

Martin Dittrich

Business Development Manager CEE

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