High & Medium Voltage Transmission

We consider the high-voltage market to be a way to enable the energy transition.  

As electrical power becomes more prevalent in the industry, the demand for high and medium voltage transmissions is increasing as well. Furthermore, the challenge for the Transmission System Operators (TSO companies) becomes even greater with the increase in decentralized wind and solar energy production via offshore and onshore farming. 

The gas and electricity infrastructure will change enormously between now and 2030/2050. With our strong history and knowledge of electrical infrastructure at their disposal, our high voltage experts are in the perfect position to support you in this changing field.

•    Primary engineering:
     o    Everything related to high voltage at a station
     o    Steelwork to support high voltage components and rail systems
     o    Grounding the high voltage section
     o    Lightning protection
•    Secondary engineering:
     o    Everything that monitors, controls, and operates the high voltage section (excluding telecom)
     o    Protecting and monitoring relays, control equipment, control panels, etc.
     o    Cable ducts for secondary cabling
•    Overhead lines and transmission towers
•    High voltage cables (AC/DC)
•    Trace design
•    Civil and structural engineering:
     o    Foundations for high voltage components
     o    Terrain finishing and fencing 
     o    Transformer and inductor buildings
     o    Field houses and central service buildings, including the construction of their own installations
     o    On-site cable ducts
•    Beach-crossing design and monitoring of sea-to-land cables


Arjen Teunissen

Arjen Teunissen

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