Energy efficiency

Making plants more energy-efficient is the best way for plant operators to reduce energy consumption. The less energy is consumed, the lower the costs and the better the competitive position of an operator.  

Years of experience with countless energy efficiency projects has enabled Bilfinger Tebodin to clearly demonstrate the extensive savings potential that exists at almost any industrial plant. Energy efficiency measures can usually be implemented quickly without having to make major changes to the existing infrastructure.  

The energy efficiency services offered by Bilfinger can be divided in three themes:

  • Consultancy
  • Digital and Maintenance Solutions
  • Design and build solutions for Waste Heat Utilization and Smart Grids


With a team of over 150 Technical Consultants, Bilfinger Tebodin offers the following services in the field of energy efficiency:

TIPCheck analysis

The "Technical Insulation Performance Check" (TIP) identifies areas with high energy consumption and heat loss caused by poorly insulated components. The TIPCheck analysis suggests suitable measures to improve this within an average payback period of less than one year.  

Energy Efficiency Plan

The Energy Efficiency Plan inventories the energy balance of a site and identifies various energy saving measures which can then be explored in terms of technical applicability and feasibility. With an Energy Efficiency Plan, you will meet the requirements of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) which makes it mandatory for companies with more than 250 employees, or an annual turnover that exceeds €50 million and an annual balance sheet exceeding €43 million, to carry out an energy audit every four years. 

Pinch Analysis

Bilfinger Tebodin uses the pinch analysis to achieve optimal heat circuiting between process flows in order to reduce energy consumption. It evaluates the cold and heat flows of a process and, in addition to an evaluation of the current situation, also provides what the theoretically ideal status of the system should be. Based on this analysis, we provide an extensive report with CAPEX/OPEX advice for optimal heat integration. 

CO2 Reduction Master Planning

Bilfinger Tebodin provides a step-by-step approach to create a master plan to reduce your CO2 emissions. By looking at the logistics, operational processes, supply chain, the ambitions of your company, and the environment in which your company operates, we analyze the potential for CO2 reduction and the risks and costs involved in becoming a carbon-neutral company. 

Digital & maintenance Solutions

In collaboration with Bilfinger Digital Next, Bilfinger Tebodin offers digital solutions based on the BCAP (Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance) platform. BCAP is the premier online platform for applications in the process industry. It combines data from different sources, runs various data models and provides access to process-optimization and predictive analytics. This includes: 

BCAP Energy Monitoring & Optimization

BCAP combines data from energy meters with other data sources, including the production planning, operational hours and process parameters. Anomaly detection and bad-actor analysis target irregular energy consumption, which enables the operator to identify and implement energy-saving measures.  

Recommender Models

The BCAP Recommender Model helps you find the "sweet spot" between the best quality and economic efficiency based on various production parameters. Data-based analysis gives the production team new insights into the factors that influence energy consumption. Recommendations for new operating parameters such as preset temperature values and volume flow rates for production processes or switching utility systems and production on/off are provided. This enables the operator to establish the optimal parameters without too much complexity. 

Virtual Sensors

The Virtual Sensor of the BCAP model generates cost-effective information when no physical sensors are available. If energy consumption or CO2 emissions are measured at low resolutions or at irregular intervals, the data science can provide support by predicting continuous values in real-time. This leads to optimal control over your energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Bilfinger Pump Drive App

With the Bilfinger Pump Drive App, we can carry out a quick analysis of the drives for your pumps, compressors, etc. The output of the app will give you a priority list to increase the availability of your pumps and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs in the long run.  

Design and build

Waste Heat Utilization

Substantial energy savings can be achieved when the waste heat generated by a plant during production is reused in the plant’s own processes. Neighboring industrial plants or district heating networks can also be provided with the excess heat energy generated. Bilfinger Tebodin supports this process by designing and supplying modular solutions that enable the capture and reuse of waste heat.  

Smart Grids

As we transition to a more energy-efficient world, conventional power grids will need to evolve into smart energy grids. Using smart energy grids creates all kinds of new, energy-saving opportunities. By utilizing smart grids with varying energy supplies and conversions, a high level of energy availability and reliability can be achieved. This ensures maximum production flexibility for the users at the lowest cost.  


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