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The technical discipline Building Services focuses on the integration of all the necessary installations and utilities in a building (both mechanical and electrical). We are present in all market segments and industries where Building Services technology knowledge is essential, like industrial buildings, offices, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, chemicals and the automotive industry.

Our international team of experienced specialists is able to support clients during all design phases, perform studies, calculations, and simulations. Either mono-disciplinary, integral or as ‘one stop shop’ with other disciplines within Bilfinger Tebodin to realize a fully integrated and aligned design. Our main strength is that we have the specialist Building Services knowledge that is essential in an industrial environment. We understand client needs and are familiar with their (production) processes. In our designs, we optimize building related installations. This reduces both energy consumption and investment costs and increases reliability. One of our benefits is risk control and time reduction in projects.

Our scope of work includes:

  • heating;
  • air treatment and ventilation;
  • cooling, freezing and drying engineering;
  • low-dust and low-germ/dust-free spaces, clean rooms;
  • energy supply and alternative energy;
  • atex (explosive atmosphere);
  • sanitary, kitchen and water installations;
  • fire fighting installations;
  • technical gases;
  • medical-technical installations;
  • building physics;
  • measurement and control engineering;
  • energy and maintenance control
  • building automation;
  • facility engineering.


Some of our unique selling points, which make us distinctive:

Industrial environment

Building Services require specialist knowledge in an industrial environment. Bilfinger Tebodin is active in this industrial market for many years, obtaining the required specialist knowledge.

Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Bilfinger Tebodin is significantly experienced in designing both research laboratories (R&D) and process-related laboratories (IPC) in several industrial sectors (Food, Pharma, Chemicals). We know the aspects that are important for correct personnel protection (OEB/OEL) and containment (ML/BSL). In addition, Bilfinger Tebodin also designs Cleanrooms with both positive and negative pressure regimes. We know which design aspects are important to contain and maintain cleanliness in cleanrooms and detection of contamination/pollution.


In regards to ATEX zoning, ventilation is always a major component and requires adequate attention in order to reduce the concentration of hazardous gases in the indoor air, and reduce the explosion risk. Our Building Services engineers are ATEX IECEx 001 certified, together with our HSE experts, we provide a safe environment.

Automation and Control Technology

In the built environment, the importance of automation has significantly increased. An important aspect within Building Services are the building management systems. Our Building Services engineers know how the electrical and mechanical installations can be managed and controlled intelligently, meeting the increasingly stringent requirements on quality, safety, health, and environment.

Energy reduction, Energy transition, EPBD

Bilfinger Tebodin has a lot of experience in energy (both reduction and transition). See for example our blogs about EPBD:

 Building Services make buildings healthy and comfortable

Examples of integrated building installations

The technical discipline Building Services focuses on the integration of all the necessary installations and utilities in a building (both mechanical and electrical).

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