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Performance & Compliance Management

Performance & Compliance Management

Complying with the many rules and regulations in the areas of safety and the environment, in other words, being compliant, is relevant not only today, but also tomorrow, and the day after. The number of regulations is growing and complexity is increasing.

There must be a good balance between compliance, costs, and the performance of your organization. We can help you with that. By looking at the situation from the context of the organization and identifying all the risks and opportunities, it is possible to determine the aspects that really matter. For this reason, ‘being, and staying, compliant’ is a tailored approach, and directly affects the character of your operations.

In addition to advice regarding rules and regulations, compliance programs, and and ISO-certification, we also like to evaluate, together with you, the performance of your various company processes, such as the optimum implementation of energy, and water-use.

The knowledge and experience of Bilfinger Tebodin’s Performance & Compliance specialists delivers solutions that work for you, so that you become, and stay, compliant, with optimum results. In this way, we make the best ideas reality. Flexible, solid and safe.

A compliant future for Noordgastransport

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Project: Implementation of a new compliance policy
Location: Uithuizen, the Netherlands

Noordgastransport B.V. (NGT) processes and supplies a substantial portion of the natural gas that is extracted from the Dutch continental shelf. 25 percent of the Dutch gas consumption comes onshore at NGT, in North Groningen. Bilfinger Tebodin supported NGT with the implementation of its new compliance policy.

The examination by Bilfinger Tebodin if the installation and the site were compliant with legislation provided NGT with insights which safety studies were completed and which ones still needed to be completed. This way, competent authorities can easily see that NGT is operating fully in accordance with all relevant legislation. And even more important: how they become ready to a compliant future.



Project: Developing and implementing Energy Management System and obtaining ISO 50001 certification
Location: Groningen, The Netherlands

Decreasing ecological footprint and saving costs

Being sustainable and efficient in gas storage is vital for Energystock. The organization wanted an Energy Management System which increases energy efficiency and decreases the ecological footprint while obtaining ISO 50001 certification.

Bilfinger Tebodin helped selecting and prioritizing energy efficiency measures and helped with all it took to obtain the ISO 50001 certificate. From interviews with staff members, developing manuals and procedures to training, auditing and documentation for certification. But most important: helping to change people’s mindset and making them enthusiastic to be part of a new energy efficient culture.

Bilfinger Tebodin: selecting measures, making manuals and procedures, training, auditing and completing all documents for external certification.