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License to operate

License to operate

Your current, or planned, business activities have an impact on their surroundings. To be able to remain doing what you do, or to be able to do something you desire, you must be in possession of a License to Operate, under which, your activities must conform to the most current conditions.

Obtaining your License to Operate is a long and complex process, with many stakeholders and potential far-reaching consequences. It demands insight into your business activities and an understanding of the consequences for the surroundings, in order to successfully conclude that process.

The knowledge and experience of Bilfinger Tebodin’s License to Operate professionals help you to progress these approvals processes and to integrate them into your operations. The project approach, the integral handling, and the focus on the end-results, combine to deliver solutions that work for you. In this way, we make the best ideas reality. Flexible, solid and safe.

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Our references

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Kuwait Petroleum Europoort

Kuwait Petroleum Europoort

Project: Stakeholder management, impact studies, gaining permits for modernization refinery
Location: the Netherlands

High end stakeholder management to modernize refinery

To compete in the petroleum business, refineries should be up to standard and flexible. Kuwait Petroleum Europoort (KPE) wanted to invest in the modernization of the refinery. But this project has a lot of high interest stakeholders. From employees and labor unions to port authorities and environmental agencies. The project has increased public awareness after recent incidents as well. So all impact studies needed to be topnotch.

Bilfinger Tebodin helped KPE with authority management and coordination, permit applications Wabo and Water Act + EIA, nature protection, flora, fauna and all environmental and external safety studies. Intensive dialogue with client organization, high involvement of senior management, transparency and experience were key success factors with this assignment.

Bilfinger Tebodin: conducting several studies and helping permit applications



Project: System for recurring environmental reporting in Oil and Gas industry
Location: United Kingdom

Efficient and high quality environmental reporting

Oil and gas production facilities need to report their environmental impact on a regular basis. Many have company owned systems in place to do so. Together with IBM, Bilfinger Tebodin developed “Environmental Reporting as a Service” (ERAS). This service configures and maintains the software and hardware needed for recurrent reporting. Once the system is implemented, the ERAS service consists of processing primary data from the operations and returning the desired environmental reports, for example on a monthly basis.

Oil and gas companies no longer need their own system for reporting. They can focus on more important processes in the organization. It is more efficient too. Investments for keeping the software up-to-date is no longer of their concern and pricing is consumption based. Lower costs and better reporting with ERAS.

Bilfinger Tebodin: Environmental Reporting as a Service together with IBM.

Chugoku Paints

Project: New coating production facility at existing site
Location: Moerdijk, the Netherlands

Building new factory before formal permits

In order to expand the capacity of coating manufacturing for the marine, container and tank industry, Choguku needed a new facility at the Moerdijk site. Downtime of the existing production facility had to be avoided. With the municipality Moerdijk a “Letter of Intend” was agreed before the formal permits were obtained in order to start the construction as soon as possible.

Bilfinger Tebodin helped with authority management, permit applications Wabo and several studies on noice, air, soil and external safety (QRA). The good relations with authorities with proper planning and trust led to the permission to start building before the official permit. Bilfinger Tebodin undertook the conceptual and basic engineering of the factory itself as well.

Bilfinger Tebodin: authority management, several environmental studies and the permit application process. Conceptual and basic engineering of the new facility.