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Business consulting

Business Consulting

Risk and opportunity management is vital for ensuring the continuity of your business. With their background in engineering, our management consultants evaluate, from a technical perspective, the risks and opportunities which can potentially impact your CAPEX and OPEX. These threats and opportunities may be related to aspects such as project management, scarcity or pricing of resources, public opinion, future site expansions, or mergers and acquisitions.

Bilfinger Tebodin’s scenario-based approach helps you to identify the unique set of risks and opportunities pertaining to your business. Based on this identification and a subsequent evaluation we provide sound technical recommendations. We are your ever-ready partner, helping you to prepare for a fast-moving future.

Our Technical Management Consultancy Services combine the knowledge and experience of numerous consultants and engineers at Bilfinger Tebodin to deliver tailor-made, robust risk management solutions and pro-active opportunity optimization that work for you. In this way, we make the best ideas reality. Flexible, solid and safe.

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Partner Logistics

Partner Logistics

Project: Technical due diligence of cold storage warehouses
Location: the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom

Risk insights for well-informed investment decisions

Possible investors in warehouse capacity need to be fully aware of the technical condition and the risk of non-compliance with technical standards of the warehouses concerned. Partner Logistics wanted their 5 frozen and 1 ambient food warehouses in NL, B and UK assessed and audited in order to present possible investors with a clear picture of the situation of the assets.

Bilfinger Tebodin took a risk based approach with the technical due diligence. All risks and financial estimates of mitigating measures were presented in an asset structure that is applied for building management systems (NEN 2767). Future investors can make well informed investment decisions based on the report.

Bilfinger Tebodin: assessment and risk based reporting technical state of logistic equipment (conveyors and cranes), utilities, civil, structural and architectural constructions

Bolletje B.V.

Bolletje B.V.

Project: Building a business case for implementing the sustainability strategy and saving costs.
Location: The Netherlands

Where to start with improving CO2 footprint and cost savings

To save energy, waste and water Bolletje needed a sound business case to undertake measures. The sustainability strategy had to lead to an improvement program with proper opportunities and priorities. With a questionnaire, modelling the environmental footprint and costs, interviews with key management resulted in a brown paper. A following workshop with the Management Team exposed the hotspots and helped building the business case to make the necessary decisions.

Bilfinger Tebodin: Circular production scan with questionnaires, interviews, modelling, reporting and management workshop.