Let's make your idea work

Bilfinger Tebodin would like to create value for you. We need to understand your opportunity, development path and team to see how we can support and create added value. The below questions are based on our research on succes factors and increasing succes rates for new technology start-ups. Filling in the survey takes approximately 30 minutes and it will provide you with insight into your performance on these succes factors. Please note that we will treat the information that you provide via this form as confidential. The information will not be shared with any other company or institution and shall only be used for the purpose of evaluating the match between your initiative and Bilfinger Tebodin.

Please note that this form assumes that you want to get into contact with us regarding one opportunity. If you have multiple opportunities, please fill in the single most relevant idea and provide us a note under question 1 that you have more ideas that you would like to discuss with us. 



A. Opportunity

B. Development

The questions below aim to get an understanding of the development stage of your opportunity. It considers the maturity level, positioning in the value chain, IP and secured investments. For maturity level we use the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) at Bilfinger Tebodin, in which we define:
  • TRL 1-5: From idea to feasibility demonstration on laboratorium scale
  • TRL 6-7: Feasbility demonstration at pilot scale, which can be a batch process or seperated process steps, all at sufficient large scale to have confidence in scaling towards a continuous process
  • TRL 8: Commercial demonstration at demo plant scale. Technology has been proven to work in its final form under the expected conditions
  • TRL 9: First full scale deployment

C. Team & Company

Because a CE opportunity is nothing without the start-up team that makes it happen, our last questions focus on your team, size and experience. With team we refer to the group of people that is tasked with nurturing and developing the opportunity. This can also comprise external members.

D. Contact information


The term opportunity in this form refers to an initiative, idea or technological development that is (relatively) new, still under development and not widely implemented or used yet. This opportunity has a positive impact on development of the Circular Economy (CE) and is nurtured and developed by a group of people with the goal of wide implementation and commercialization. The first questions aim to understand various dimensions of your opportunity.


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