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Smart Energy Program

Smart Energy Program

Our Smart Energy Program is developed to help you to analyze and realize energy savings. The program consists of two parts: the Energy Efficiency Plan and the Energy Performance Contract, which can be combined or used separately.

1. Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP)

The Dutch government has made long-term agreements ('Meerjarenafspraken' or MJA) for the improvement of energy efficiency with a great number of sectors. As part of the MJA, participating companies are obliged to:

• develop an Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP) every four years
• save 2% energy per year or 8% in four years

By thinking differently, you can get a much higher return from your EEP than 2%. Our energy experts can support you with this. Our experts thoroughly analyze your processes to identify highly effective measures, which lower your operational costs and thus increase your competitive advantage. This allows you to make the deadline and provide you with insights in the possibilities of energy efficiency.

Also in case of other reporting obligations, such as EED, MEE or ETS, or you want to explore energy efficiency yourself, you can take advantage of the Smart Energy Program.

2. Energy Performance Contract

Have you already completed your EEP? Then we can implement the identified energy efficiency measures for you.

Benefit from guaranteed cost reduction
We have developed a unique proposition for the implementation process, in which we have the same goals as you: to realize as much energy savings as possible. Your energy efficiency and consequent cost reduction are guaranteed, realized and if necessary financed. No cure, no pay, because we trust our expertise.