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Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) and other risk studies

Operations in your company should be as safe as possible. Safety performance of your company, in all processes, should be excellent. The balance between operational efficiency and process safety excellence is important for your company’s reliability, insurance risk profile and can contribute to better results in both the short and the long run.

Process safety performance
It starts with systematically identifying and understanding all risks in your processes. All critical, undesirable scenarios have to be identified and documented. This is done by specific risk studies. Bilfinger Tebodin experts use either off-the-shelf approaches which meet relevant IEC standards (including dedicated HAZOP software), or approaches can be customized according to your own unique standards.

Workshop and report
After careful preparation, the HAZOP team visits your company for a session and delivers an insightful HAZOP report afterwards. You can implement these results yourself or you can use our support to do so.

Quality and experience
With a team of 20 experienced HAZOP leaders, we have performed HAZOP studies and HAZOP education programs successfully in various international markets, like Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Food & Beverages. We are proud of our strong client base for HAZOP services comprising both, multinationals and SME’s. 

Next level process safety performance
We take your process safety performance to the next level with help of our Periodic System for Process Safety. Bilfinger Tebodin developed a specific, transparent approach which can help you to reach the next level of process safety performance in your existing system working on all different levels of process safety: operation, management systems, culture and asset integrity. This can include an asset management philosophy ensuring that your Safety Devices are not only designed, but also maintained for the right integrity. We are able to execute a wide range of safety services, e.g. LOPA, SIL, RCM-2, alarm rationalization, which we can connect to HAZOP studies to ensure an efficient execution at a higher quality.


HAZOP means Hazard & Operability analysis. The objective of a HAZOP study is to offer a structured approach to identify deviations from design intent and normal process conditions in a process installation. Process characteristics such as temperature, pressure and composition are combined with deviations such as more, less and reverse in order to identify operational and safety related problems in a structured way. If necessary, actions with responsible action holders can be defined.


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Business Manager Process Integrity & Safety
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