Bilfinger Tebodin in North West Europe



Traditional methods of producing products based on crude oil or its derivatives will end someday due to the unavailability of raw material. The biobased economy is driven by the change of the fundamental thoughts about relying on crude oil to sustain our way of living, and therefor looking at alternatives to substitute this.

This transition from traditional to biobased processes are slowly uprising. Driven by costs and technological advance, the industry sees the need to invest in biobased substitution to sustain their business.

Recognizing this new global market as a potential alternative for the raw material shortage, resulted in investments by the industry. Investments wherein Bilfinger Tebodin can assist by functioning as a linking pin between the traditional and the new market. Years of experience in the traditional market give Bilfinger Tebodin the ability to translate clients’ needs into biobased solutions - from lab-scale, pilot-plant, upscaling to commercial processes. Bilfinger Tebodin has highly educated consultants and engineers that could explore prospective biobased initiatives with the client to investigate its technical feasibility.