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The research-based pharmaceutical industry is one of the key assets of the European economy. For pharmaceutical drugs, the industry is shifting from small molecule technology towards biotechnology, with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), already accounting for half of the market. Existing API plants in North-West Europe will be exploited to the maximum, focussing on energy and cost reduction with minor investments. Major investments will take place in new state-of-the art biotech plants. 

Bilfinger Tebodin follows these market trends and offers specific services to help sustain and improve existing plant, as well as providing capabilities and expertise to design new biotech plants for our clients. With over 100 people involved in pharmaceutical projects over many years, backed up by a sound international network, Bilfinger Tebodin is considered a key player on the European market.

  • Pharmaceuticals: API's, HP API's, Medicines (Prescribed, Generics, OTC), OSD/OLD, Cosmetics
  • Bio Pharmaceuticals: Recombinant Proteins, Vaccines, MAB/ADC's, Blood Products, Hormones, Antibiotics, Personal Medicines
  • Medical Devices: IV Solutions, EN/PN nutrition
  • R&D and QC Laboratories
  • Nutraceuticals
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Our references

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Orion Pharma

Orion Pharma

Project: Site master planning & conceptual design pharmaceutical campus
Location: Dakha, Bangladesh

Orion Pharma Ltd, one of the premier pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh, selected Bilfinger Tebodin to develop a site master plan for a new pharmaceutical campus in the district Mymensingh. Orion Pharma plans to produce 600 different products in 25 dosing forms, including tablets, capsules, ampoules, syrups, ointments, and injections. In a joint effort Bilfinger Tebodin and Ireland-based RKD Architects designed the new campus, which houses five different manufacturing buildings for several processes and products including blood plasma fractionation, aseptic and sterile processes, hormones and contraceptives. In the second phase of the project, Bilfinger Tebodin developed the conceptual design for the various campus buildings.



Project: Fast-track offices and labs
Location: Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Together with several partners, Bilfinger Tebodin designed and built Synthon’s new biopharmaceutical laboratory and office building within just one year. A fully integrated project team took on the challenge by executing the design and construction work in parallel. This unconventional approach combined target costing with full financial transparency. The first architectural sketches were made in March 2010 and the fully furnished laboratories and offices were ready for use on March 31, 2011. Champagne flowed when the project team celebrated the completion of the first facility of Synthon’s master plan. Since then Bilfinger Tebodin has engineered several other projects on the site, including a clean room facility for the production of antibody-drug conjugates.



Project: Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF)
Location: Delft, the Netherlands

The BPF in Delft, the Netherlands, is a joint venture company of industrial partners and the TU Delft for the development of new sustainable production processes. The facility has been specially designed to enable the transition from laboratory to production on an industrial scale. Bilfinger Tebodin was commissioned to do the detailed design for tender and construction, procurement and construction management (EPCm).

DMV Fonterra Excipients

DMV Fonterra Excipients

Project: DMV Fonterra Excipients
Location: Foxhol, the Netherlands

DMV Fonterra Excipients produces excipients: inactive substances used as a carrier for the active ingredients in medication. Bilfinger Tebodin was asked for the detailed engineering, procurement and construction management services (EPCm) for the expansion of an existing excipients manufacturing plant. Bilfinger Tebodin performed a pre-HAZOP study to assess the safety risks, which were subsequently reviewed during each design stage. The installation was designed and fully built according EHEDG guidelines with additional HACCP and validation procedures. 



Project: Modernization of Animal Health Facility
Location: Burgwedel, Germany

Minimal production loss MSD with ‘storyboard method’

MSD decided to modernize its Animal Health facility in Burgwedel, Germany and started the so-called ZGI project (Zoning & GMP Improvement) in 2013. The project was challenged to minimize the production loss during the construction activities to the absolute minimum. After finalization of the basic engineering in 2015, Bilfinger Tebodin and Bilfinger Bauperformance were awarded as the EPCm contractor. The project has as target to have the production facility upgraded by October 2017. The ‘storyboard method’ resulted in optimal communication between all stakeholders. Good, clear and understandable communication and the creation of one multidisciplinary team is the fundament to success.

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Pharmaceutical industry

How Bilfinger Tebodin helps Pharma clients to achieve their goals

Jan Vermetten, Business Developer at Bilfinger Tebodin, is interviewed about the trends Bilfinger Tebodin notices in the pharmaceutical industry. He takes us along the various client’s questions and the diverse projects derived from these trends. From Synthon to MSD, for every client we find a solution that best fits their needs.


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