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Cost effectiveness in Oil & Gas

Decisions of our clients in the Oil & Gas sector are increasingly influenced by globalization. In North West Europe, declining domestic oil and gas production has raised international dependencies. The industry now puts greater effort into extracting the last barrels and fighting efficiency losses in its ageing infrastructure. New technologies are applied, especially in subsea solutions for remote offshore fields. At the same time, interconnections and storage facilities are enlarged, to provide greater flexibility in meeting energy demands. The industry’s cost effectiveness has become a focal point. 

As a result, the size and complexity of projects has grown and demands on engineering and consultancy have intensified. For Bilfinger Tebodin, such demands provide a welcome opportunity to confirm our leading position in the market, founded on decades of experience around the world. Many successful projects demonstrate our competence in: 

  • Conceptual engineering and technical consultancy
  • Pre-FEED and FEED design and engineering
  • Integrated EPCm services

LNG as developing market
The market for LNG is changing. Multipurpose terminals and LNG bunkering solutions are upcoming worldwide, but competition from pipelines and price fluctuation puts pressure on the whole chain. Especially in Europe, terminals have to be compliant with increasing regulation and sustainability demands.

For Bilfinger Tebodin, these aspects translate to challenges. To help the transition from a regasification to a multipurpose terminal, making import terminals suitable for small scale usage or just to increase capacity. Our track record of getting it right the first time and with flawless design is well known.

More information on Import Terminal Transitions

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Our references

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NAM/Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij

NAM/Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij

Project: Waddenzee Gas project
Location: Waddenzee, the Netherlands

Bilfinger Tebodin was commissioned to undertake the pre-design and detail engineering of three pipelines, namely Moddergat-Anjum (diameter: 400 mm, length: 7.4 km), Lauwersoog-Anjum (diameter: 270 mm, length 8.7 km) and Vierhuizen-Munnekezijl (diameter: 200 mm, length: 5.2 km). Since the Waddenzee is listed among UNECO’s World heritage since 2009, this had a big impact on the design and construction of the pipelines. This project shows that Bilfinger Tebodin can provide creative pipeline design and construction in vulnerable and protected areas such as the Waddenzee.

Nuon Epe Gasspeicher

Nuon Epe Gasspeicher 

Project: Nuon Epe
Location: Epe-Gronau, Germany

Detailed design and realization of aboveground facilities for underground gas storage in Epe, Germany, in cooperation with Fabricom Major Projects. An integrated approach has made possible the completion of this fast track project.

TAQA Energy B.V.

TAQA Energy B.V.

Project: Bergermeer Gas Storage
Location: Bergermeer/Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Detailed engineering of the pipelines and the tie-ins in the high pressure gas transmissions for the underground gas storage Bergermeer. Bilfinger Tebodin was also responsible for permitting documents, procurement, tender assistance and advice necessary for successful completion. The project was challenging for several reasons and required innovative offshore isolation solutions. The project comprises 37.5 km of transport pipelines including several crossings with a motor way, railroad and dikes in an environmentally sensitive area with poor quality ground water. Bilfinger Tebodin overcame a large number of challenges and proved to be the right company for the difficult task.

Gate Terminal

Gate Terminal

Project: LNG Break Bulk Terminal Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Bilfinger Tebodin was responsible for the conceptual design, technical studies and functional specifications for the EPC tender package of the Gate regasification terminal. Gate terminal, joint venture of Gasunie and Vopak, receives, stores and regasifies Liquefield Natural Gas (LNG), which needs 600 times less storage space than natural gas.



Project: Vermillion Garijp Treatment 
Location: Garijp, the Netherlands

Vermilion is a Canadian oil & gas company that has been producing natural gas from small fields in the northern Netherlands since 2004. Bilfinger Tebodin did the basic engineering and procurement services for a new compressor package for Vermilion’s gas production and facilities and engineering for Freon Replacement project.



Project: LNG Midscale Test Facility
Location: Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

VSL is realizing the LNG Midscale Test Facility at the Maasvlakte, Rotterdam (NL). This facility will play an important role in the chain for production and distribution of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). It will be the world’s first facility for calibration and certification of mass and volume flow meters for LNG. Reliable calibration of flow meters is an important prerequisite for the further development of the LNG industry. The facility will be able to calibrate flow meters with a capacity up to 200 m3/h, with future expansion up to 400 m3/h.

Bilfinger Tebodin provides support to VSL with project management, reviewing design documents for the LNG process, safety and design reviews, development of the plot layout under Dutch standards and regulations, and design and tendering of the civil works. The facility is scheduled for start-up at the end of 2016.

NAM/Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij

NAM/Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij

Project: Pipe-in-pipe solution restores oil production NAM

Leakage caused by by internal corrosion of a production water pipeline stopped the production of NAM’s Schoonebeek oilfield. aQuaintance resolved this problem by delivering a flexible pipe-in-pipe solution. The pipe-in-pipe construction reduced reparation time of the pipeline to an absolute minimum. The construction and the use of the flexible composite pipe are unique for the Netherlands. The scale of the project is unique worldwide. Bilfinger Tebodin as part of aQuaintance, a partnership between Engie, A. Hak and Bilfinger Tebodin, provided the engineering and management of the project, which has involved a lot of testing of the work method to ensure it held up against the high standards of NAM.

The pipe-in-pipe solution provides a quicker and cost effective solution for the replacement of outdated pipes and causes minimal impact on the environment. The construction is suitable for high pressure, water, oil and gas pipelines.

For the video of this project, click the image below. 





Project: Implementation of a new compliance policy
Location: Uithuizen, the Netherlands

Noordgastransport B.V. (NGT) processes and supplies a substantial portion of the natural gas that is extracted from the Dutch continental shelf. 25 percent of the Dutch gas consumption comes onshore at NGT, in North Groningen. Bilfinger Tebodin supported NGT with the implementation of its new compliance policy.

The examination by Bilfinger Tebodin if the installation and the site were compliant with legislation provided NGT with insights which safety studies were completed and which ones still needed to be completed. This way, competent authorities can easily see that NGT is operating fully in accordance with all relevant legislation. And even more important: how they become ready to a compliant future.

Video: a compliant future for Noordgastransport.

Vopak Westpoort, a terminal with special features

Vopak Westpoort

Project: terminal for gasoline storage
Location: Amsterdam

Bilfinger Tebodin designed the terminal with a capacity of 1.2 million cubic meters with a high level of automation, zero emissions and several special features. One of those is an exceptionally large and flexible manifold where clients of Vopak, from their tanks can reach without limitations all other tanks and every jetty.
No expenses have been spared in this terminal when it comes to safety. ‘This terminal can truly be considered a pearl in the Vopak network’, concludes Bastiaan Schepers.
Watch the video here.

Video: A terminal with special features

Gate Terminal

Gate Terminal

Project: helping Gate Terminal to achieve the highest flexibility in their operations
Location: Rotterdam

Bilfinger Tebodin has been involved in the expansion of the truck loading station, one of the many projects to help Gate Terminal in achieving the highest flexibility in their operations. Gate Terminal acts as an LNG Hub, where LNG can be imported, gasified and sent to the high pressure European Grid as well as loaded into different cargo sizes for transfer and bunkering.

The first truck loading station was not highly automated. Together with Gate Bilfinger Tebodin has been able to automate the second and third to the point where they need almost no manpower. Moreover in the truck loading station two trucks can be loaded simultaneously with a single push of a button. The LNG market is taking flight in the transportation market, as a transport fuel both in ships and trucks and Gate is with a clear vision always one step ahead.

Watch the video here.