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Immersed Computing

Designing datacenters as efficient and sustainable as possible

With Immersed Computing

The number of large datacenters is increasing worldwide. Datacenters play a crucial role in today’s globalized world. Optimal deployment is crucial to their exploitation. This needs to be achieved as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Reliability and availability are essential preconditions, however, they need to provide maximum flexibility in order to enable scalability. Bilfinger Tebodin provides specific expertise. In the form of Immersed Computing: an innovative technology that utilizes liquid cooling of systems for temperature control in datacenters. It ensures efficiency of new, or existing capacity, and delivers energy reductions of 40-50%.

Bilfinger Tebodin’s consultants and engineers develop solutions that can truly help to optimize your datacenter. Significant cost reduction, enhanced stability, and modular expansion as and when required. The same expertise applies for Edge Datacenters, that are located close to end-users and which save on infrastructural capacity whilst generating warmth for localized heating.

Bilfinger Tebodin offers an integral range of consulting & engineering solutions for datacenters, often combining knowledge and insights from other industry sectors. For example the securing of critical systems in the Oil & Gas industry. The experience in asset-management guarantees optimal deployment of your assets. Providing the right knowledge, at the right time and the right place, for optimal solutions. That’s how we turn the best ideas into reality, for you, and your datacenter.


Nico Pleeging

mobile: +31 6 16 58 26 80

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