Bilfinger Tebodin in North West Europe

Food & Beverage


The food industry is changing rapidly and faces numerous challenges. The sector processes raw materials on an industrial scale and is considered to be one of the supporting sectors of the West-European economy.  It is a frontrunner in both production and innovation.  The industry is diverse: from dairy and infant food to fruit and vegetables, from bakeries to potato processing. Hygienic design, food safety and sustainability are shaping the industry. Operational excellence and compliance are becoming more and more important.

Knowledge of all developments in the food industry and the capability to translate your challenges to their ambitions makes the professionals at Bilfinger Tebodin specialists in the food sector.

  • Agro & Feed
  • Bakery and Ingredients
  • Beverage and Breweries
  • Dairy and infant food
  • Meat
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Oils & Fats
  • Potato processing and starch
  • Sugar, confectionary and chocolate