We are on the media: Bilfinger Tebodin managing director acknowledged as the leader who moves the Czech industry


Jaromir Kriz, Bilfinger Tebodin director in Central & Eastern Europe, was mentioned in the Czech magazine Svet Prumyslu (World of Industry) as one of the 250 managers who move the industry of the country.

‘Because we have been successfully interviewing owners and top managers who manage industrial companies in the Czech Republic for 11 years, we have taken the liberty of compiling an overview of 250 managers who will not stop. These people run companies producing components for the largest car manufacturers, airplanes, steam turbines or are thinking about how best to automate production. And at a difficult time due to the coronavirus situation, they had to make and still make difficult decisions. The ability to lead managerially always requires speed, determination, stubbornness, courage, optimism and commitment.’

On this list you can also find managers of large corporations and owners of medium-small companies.

Jaromir Kriz was also mentioned in another article of Svet Prumyslu called 66 Leaders who are busy.