We are in the Top 100 design firms and Top 20 in construction management worldwide


Bilfinger Tebodin is listed in the Top 100 design firms and Top 20 in construction management worldwide, according to the ENR annual survey. We are ranked 73 among the largest engineering companies.

ENR (Engineering News-Record) is a reputable global edition that provides engineering and construction news, analysis, commentary, and data for over a century. Below you can read a fragment of their recent analysis of the design market:

‘The leading 225 companies generated $72.31 billion in design revenue in 2019 from projects outside home countries, up a scant 0.6% from $71.88 billion in 2018.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus beginning at the end of 2019 in China and quickly spreading worldwide took much of the global construction industry by surprise. However, major design firms were quick to adopt home working and now see long-term benefits in continuing the practice.

Prior to the pandemic, many international design firms were already operating remotely to bring together the best global thinking for clients. Their response to the pandemic has been an acceleration of that transformation. 

On the other hand, many major European design firms have so far shown resilience to the pandemic. As governments plan infrastructure investments to reboot their collapsed economies, firms anticipate an uptick in project opportunities. In Europe, they see infrastructure as a key beneficiary of governmental efforts to counter economic recession.’

Below you can see the whole Top 225 International Design Firms and the Top 250 International Contractors. Click on the image to read the full edition!