We are in the media: 350 decarbonization projects are at early implementation stage worldwide


Hydrogen decarbonization and carbon capture technologies are implemented evenly in Europe and the Middle East. There are around 350 decarbonization projects in the early stages of implementation in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. 14% of those are being implemented in the steel sector in Europe, with hydrogen technologies prevailing considerably.

Oksana Roman, Energy transition leader at Bilfinger Tebodin, shared this at the international forum "Decarbonization of the Steel Industry: a Challenge for Ukraine" during her presentation "The Road to Decarbonization: Project Development Strategy and Experience".

North-West Europe is leading the decarbonization move with almost equal focus on hydrogen and carbon capture technologies, while in the USA and Great Britain carbon capture and utilization projects prevail.

According to Oksana Roman, we can distinguish three stages of industrial implementation of decarbonization projects, each with specific challenges:

1. Project planning:

  • market uncertainty and lack of benchmarking
  • the need to attract project and financial partners
  • the investment scenario must take into account the requirements of various stakeholders
  • the technology concept must take into account core and related technologies and infrastructure needs, etc.

2. Project financing:

  • the need to monitor financing programs
  • the use of financial engineering to ensure full coverage of project financing needs
  • the project documentation should meet the requirements of international standards and policies of funding organizations
  • the project model should include the implementation of environmental and social requirements in addition to economic indicators

3. Project implementation:

  • attracting qualified partners capable of combining the implementation of local and international standards in innovative projects
  • ensuring the availability of infrastructure, obtaining the necessary permits
  • procurement strategy should take into account the timing of production and delivery of equipment and components, as well as turbulence in the cost of materials, etc.

The Bilfinger Group is already involved in decarbonization projects for companies such as TATA Steel, Shell and other industrial customers.