Update Purpose Accelerator Team: end of interview phase


The interview phase of the Purpose Accelerator Programme is coming to an end. So far, 25 in-depth interviews have been conducted with various Chemical companies. During the interviews, engineers, HSE managers and management shared their vision on circularity within their company and in the Chemical sector as a whole. This provided the team with new insights, such as:

  • The importance of sustainability and circularity is gradually increasing. Companies often see shareholders as stakeholders of which the only goal is making a high return on investment. During the interviews however, we learned that shareholders are becoming increasingly demanding in the field of sustainability.
  • The Dutch (internationally oriented) Chemical industry is in a difficult situation. Dutch legislation becomes significantly stricter. Companies will not immediately leave the Netherlands, but when considering future investments although, international companies may look for countries where less stringent requirements and legislation apply. This may result in negative result for the Dutch chemical industry and economy.
  • A positive development we observed is the emergence of initiatives throughout the production chain of products with chemical components. One of the companies we interviewed told us they were being submissive to an IKEA audit, while they are not directly a supplier of IKEA. With auditing all the suppliers in their value chain on sustainability and circularity, IKEA is a frontrunner in the field of increasing sustainability and circularity in the entire production chain. The IKEA audit is seen as a strict standard. As a large customer of the chemical industry, they are using their position to make the entire production chain more sustainable.

The goal for the coming weeks is conduct all remaining interviews and to reach a total of 30 – 35 conducted interviews. 

In the next phase of the project, we will look into the barriers and opportunities and develop solutions for the production chain through feedback sessions.

We will keep you posted!

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