Two Tebodin employees participated in essay contest successfully


On March 2016, Dutch organization Veiligheid Voorop (Safety first), initiated an essay contest in cooperation with Technical University of Delft and Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. The contest was initiated with the main goal to further improve safety within the (petro)chemical sector by sharing experience and opinions of professionals.

20 professionals, who are active in the (petro)chemical sector, wrote an essay about their vision on working together on improving safety in the chemical production chain. Maarten Vriezen and Denise Harkema from Tebodin, wrote an essay as well. The jury judged all 20 entries and nominated 6 essays, which include the essays from Maarten (the ski helmet) and Denise (social media key to responsibility). Both essays are in Dutch.

On May 19, 2016, the 6 nominates presented their essay to the  jury and invitees. The essays were judged on structure, clarity, quality of the material and the presentation. Denise Harkema (on the picture left) won the first prize. She has received an invitation to the master program Management of Safety, Health and Environment at the Delft University. Niels van Rhenen, Managing Director Tebodin, commented: 'We are very proud that two of the six nominates are working at our company. Safety has a high priority within Tebodin - every day. The great performance of Denise and Maarten will be shared with all colleagues; we can really benefit from their vision on safety.'