Techport Tribe to design a modular plastic recycling facility facilitated by Bilfinger Tebodin


In the IJmond Region, part of the Metropole Region Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Techport organizes activities to stimulate the local economic activity.

On March 27, Bilfinger Tebodin facilitated a so called Techport Tribe. In these Tribes, a group of local companies brainstorms about a subject proposed by one of these companies. This time, the selected subject was “plastic recycling” from a company called Upp!.

This tribe tackled a facility to recycle plastics were no separation in specific mono streams is possible. When plastic is burned, CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere. The main advantage of this technology is that plastic is recycled without combustion and transformed into building materials for houses and other applications.

The first objective is to find more applications for the extruded or pressed products. The second objective is to design a simple modular facility that could be built in the Techport area and could be applied in countries like Vietnam to clean local beaches and landfills. Upp! recently signed a contract during the Dutch Trade Mission in Vietnam.

As a follow-up of the enthusiastic results, we are defining a development project to design the unit.
Preferably one that can be assembled completely in the Techport area.

For more information, feel free to contact Wouter van Gerwen: wouter.van.gerwen*Please remove text between *, this is a spam protection*, + 31 6 26 14 69 31.