Sustainable upgrade of Eneco's bio steam plant


Eneco’s Bio Golden Raand (BGR) is the biggest industrial bio steam plant in the Netherlands and is located in the port area of Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The plant turns recycled wood chips into green electricity - enough to provide 120.000 households per year with electricity!

AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals is a significant consumer of sustainable energy from BGR. Therefore, in 2016 and 2017 Eneco and Tebodin worked together to make BGR even more sustainable by upgrading it for steam delivery to AkzoNobel. Changes implemented mean that from now on, the same amount of biomass produces double the amount of sustainable energy.

The project consisted of two phases, the expansion of the existing steam line system and the engineering of the integration of the new steam turbine. Altogether, it was a challenging but satisfying project, with engineering under tight time-constraints, with appropriate risk management.

Watch the story of Tebodin and Eneco below.