Sport and team support at Bilfinger Tebodin


Last months were rich for sportive events at Bilfinger Tebodin. Here is a brief overview of what sportive challenges our colleagues took.

Hero race

Artem Lastochkin, Project Manager (Moscow, Russia), who overcame the Hero Race together with 5 other colleagues, shares:

Sport pushes you out of the comfort zone into a world of mutual help, support and struggle with your fears and thoughts. There is only you, your team, goal, emotions, support, help, trials, struggle with yourself, adrenaline.. And no matter who you were yesterday or who you will be tomorrow, at this moment all boundaries, conventions and statuses are erased. All are equal, all depend on each other, all become family.

Hero Race in an extreme running event with 10-kilometer track and more than 30 obstacles. These include 3-meter alpine walls, wet clay, crawling on ropes, nets, ladders, and soldiers firing machine guns (with blanks) into the air to scare the participants and knock down the obstacles.  


Our colleague Oksana Roman, Consultancy Manager (Kiev, Ukraine) participated in the Oceanman competition already twice this year. And this is what she said:

Three years ago I couldn’t swim, and this year I became an Oceanman twice. To be honest, both heats were hard, because I'm terrified of depth and never swam in open water. But I am very glad that I overcame myself. To me, it's a proof that anything you really want is possible. Twenty-year-olds and people in the 60+ category were swimming next to me, and it was very motivating! It is very important to overcome yourself in order to truly understand your capabilities – not only in sports, but in life and at work as well.

Oceanman is the first international open water swimming competition. Participants come from all over the world to face different distances: Oceankids – 500 meters, Sprint – 2 km, Half – 5 km and Oceanman – 10 km. Each swim has its own time and distance requirements, completing which the participant receives the title of Oceanman.

Football championship

On September 28, Bilfinger Tebodin together with the Russian-German chamber of Commerce held the traditional 3rd annual football championship in Krasnodar. Amateur football teams of five companies participated in the tournament: Bilfinger Tebodin, Petkus, CLAAS, Bank CentrInvest, VSK. After a series of group matches, in a tough struggle our team took the 3rd place. Congratulations!

Corporate sports today are an integral part for people in business, and also a great health support in everyday life. We are glad that it became a friendly tradition to hold a football championship here in Russia with such partners as CLAAS, Syngenta, Nestlé and many others, who also value the corporate culture as we do. We are happy when new teams join us in this initiative! – says Daniela Abramenko, PR Manager.