Specialist knowledge shared via post-bachelor training on ‘Air Quality’


As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) air pollution represents the single largest environmental risk to health globally. There is a clear need for clean air and trained professionals in the field of air quality. That’s why the Netherlands Platform on Air Quality Measurements and the Association of Environmental Experts started a post-Bachelor training dedicated to ‘Air Quality’, offering a solid foundation for people who work in the field of emissions, air quality and atmospheric deposition.  

For the third time in row, Reinoud van der Auweraert (Senior Environmental Consultant at Bilfinger Tebodin) is one of the lecturers and shared his broad knowledge on industrial air pollution with 21 students. Recently, most students have passed their exam successfully. ’Passing on knowledge is not only essential to protect clean air but also a privilege to do’, comments Reinoud. 

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