Сonceptual design and permit handling for Сhugoku


Chugoku Paint B.V. (Chugoku) produces various coatings, including paints that are used in the large shipping industry and for industrial and infrastructural applications. Driven by their steady growth in Europe and continuous development and innovation, Chugoku wants to increase their production capacity and expand their storage capacity with a new warehouse.

Bilfinger Tebodin conducted the conceptual design for this new warehouse, which will be located next to Chugoku’s state-of-the-art sustainable factory in Heijningen, the Netherlands. Bilfinger Tebodin also submitted all permit applications for a so-called Seveso facility, which are required for the expansion of the new warehouse and the increased production capacity. A Seveso facility is a facility that has an activity linked to handling, manufacturing, using or storing hazardous substances, which is the case for this project.

Chugoku and Bilfinger Tebodin have a long-term client relationship. In 2015, they commissioned us to handle all permit applications and provide the conceptual (and partly basic) engineering for their factory realized in 2017. We are proud that Chugoku once again entrusts us to carry out the conceptual design and permit application of their new warehouse.

We are glad to announce that Chugoku will start the construction of their new warehouse in the coming months.