Socially Responsible Purchasing plan supported by Tebodin has been nominated for the ‘KoopWijsPrijs’


Tebodin is proud of the Socially Responsible Purchasing plan that we have drawn up together with the Province of Zeeland and that has been nominated for the ‘KoopWijsPrijs’ of the National Government. The prize is set at the request of the House of Representatives and is intended to provide positive support to local authorities at Socially Responsible Purchasing.

According to the jury, this is in the capillaries of the provincial organization: when purchasing products or services, the Province of Zeeland takes into account as much as possible the effects on people, the environment and prosperity. On December 14 the winner of the ‘KoopWijsPrijs’ will be announced. State Secretary Van Veldhoven-Van der Meer will award the prize during the Sustainable Procurement conference in Maarssen.

Read the news here (in Dutch):
Website Province of Zeeland
Website PZC (newspaper Province of Zeeland)