SMO Purpose accelerator has been kicked-off


On October 26th,  we attended the kick-off of the Purpose Accelerator program in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). The Purpose Accelerator is a program set up by Stichting Maatschappij en Ondernemen Promovende (SMO) to support companies in tackling problems with an impact on society, by involving PhD candidates.

Over the course of this year long program, we will work together with 5 PhD candidates from several universities in the Netherlands. The goal of the program is to tackle possible issues regarding the implementation of the Circular Economy principle in the chemical industry.

Bilfinger Tebodin developed ‘Circular Production Scan’, a tool for plant owners to be sustainable and save costs. Within a day and a half we scan a factories’ operations to see what changes will effective. We start with gathering all data such as costs and types and amounts of raw materials used. Finally a list will be delivered with possible improvements and plant owners will see where in their production process they lose the largest amount of energy and this money can be saved.

Together with SMO and the PhD candidates, we will investigate what is the best way to bring the Circular Production Scan to the market and we will implement a Circular Production Scan with one of our clients during a test case.

During the kick-off meeting, Bilfinger Tebodin’s case was presented alongside of cases of the other participating companies: VGZ, Manpower, The Mobile Factory, and Heineken.

The project has been divided into 9 phases and total duration of the project is one year. In October 2019 the final summit will take place and we will implement the findings of the project to further optimize the product offer of the Circular Production scan.

Between now and October 2019, regular updates about the progress of the Purpose Accelerator program will be shared.

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