Sharing expertise with clients in Romania


Cost challenges and project strategies

The first client event took place in Bucharest, Romania. It was joined by representatives of such companies, as Pepsico, Petrom, Philip Morris, Zentiva, Puratos and others. They came to discover tips on cost issues and project strategies from our experts: Michaela Novakova, Director Procurement in CEE, George Predan, Engineering Director in Romania, and Mirela Stroe, Procurement Manager. They had a deep look into the construction cost factors and the specifics of EPC, EPCM and PMC contracts in the investment projects. These topics were also highlighted in the series of our previous business seminars.

‘We are happy that our clients trust us sharing the challenges they encountered in the past projects and we are always ready to support with timely solutions and expert knowledge. The format of business breakfast works perfect for this,’ says Claudiu Gavrila, Business Development Manager in Romania. 

Digitalisation and process solutions

In Ploiesti, Romania, Bilfinger Tebodin experts covered the topic of digitalisation, which is also of a great interest among the clients. A special guest speaker – Marc-Jan Backer, Business Developer at Bilfinger Digital Next – came from Germany to give an overview of breakthrough solutions, which are already available for our clients.

Zach Ullah, Stratum Energy:

‘The event last week was very helpful in learning about the digitalization offerings. My company is looking to the next phase of our development and will now think of digitalizing our future operations with a realistic lens. We are also excited to think about how to upgrade our existing technology infrastructure with the help of Bilfinger companies.'

Radu Lupoae, CRIOMEC:

‘First of all I would like to congratulate you for your initiative to organize such an event on a theme that is vital for business organizations this days. Digital transformation it’s a tough journey and there are very few companies who are succeeding to reach their goals. Without a trustful and knowledgeable partner it’s even harder. After the meeting I had the feeling that Bilfinger could be such a partner and I think that this is what matters most.

I also appreciate the way you manage to create an open and trustful environment keeping things straightforward and away from a conventional and boring sells presentation.’

Aurelian Popa, Liberty Galati:

‘Regarding your presentation on digitalization and Bilfinger software & service package, I would like first, to extend my thanks for the invitation, and secondly, to convey my feeling of being welcomed and exactly attuned with Marc’s approach and assessment towards digitalization and the challenges on the path to become a digital company. I recognize my company status in digital maturity, in the situations described by Marc from his many contacts with the industry and customers, and I found his advices most helpful.

In relation with the software & service package, even though the solutions are more or less what already is on the market, I found refreshing the discussion because of the personal touch and passion, and also because both the successful and less successful stories of implementation were shared. Many learning points can be drawn from such experiences.Thank you and keep up with the great work you are doing.’

For more information please contact George Cursaru or Claudiu Gavrila.

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