Project matrix for your investments in H2 and CCUS technologies


Bilfinger Tebodin has created a detailed matrix of project phases in response to investor's requests for planning and execution of energy transition projects applying innovative technologies for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) and Hydrogen production.

‘The purpose of this matrix is to help our clients plan, finance and execute their projects in the most efficient and quality way’ – comments Oksana Roman, Energy transition leader in Central and Eastern Europe.

‘Bilfinger Tebodin delivers services that allow its customers to benefit from hydrogen and carbon capture technologies across the entire value chain from hydrogen production or CO2 capture, to their treatment, storage, transportation and utilization. Our dedicated energy transition taskforce has a strong expertise in developing innovative projects at both local and international levels.’

What is special about energy transition projects?

Industrial decarbonisation is a multistage transition from CO2 emissions reduction to zero carbon production. Innovative nature and technological complexity of energy transition projects require thoughtful approach to project planning, funding and execution.

Bilfinger Tebodin helps industrial players on their decarbonisation pathway providing support along the entire project’s or asset’s lifecycle, serving investors at every project stage. Being a technical link that transforms investor’s wishes into concrete plants, the multidisciplinary consultants and engineers care for a smooth implementation of new technologies into a sustainable business.