Process engineering for chemical industry


Trend on R&D in chemical industry

Chemical market remains a growth industry at both global and Europe levels, being “industry of industries” at a medium risks rating. Its long-term benefiting from changing population and societies (new applications and new products), however, is being under transformation due to challenges on requirements by end-consumer markets, allied industries challenges, feedstock- and resource trends, regulatory requirements and incentives and political turbulence worldwide. 

Sector development is characterized by long-term trend of moving of value chain (from manufacturing to R&D) eastward, following global shift of economic power. Therefore, big market players keep developing in this direction, investing in technology and research spheres.

One of Bilfinger Tebodin recent projects in chemical market is delivered to Selena company, a global manufacturer of construction materials. It operates in over 70 countries, including Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine. 

Process engineering for the know-how technology

Selena Group is a leader in delivering advanced technology to the construction chemicals market. Bilfinger Tebodin developed a concept design of its polyesterol, prepolymer and thermoplastic polyurethanes production plant in Poland. 

‘Chemical market is booming, and we see that for most clients our process engineering service becomes the key issue. Selena project in Poland involves a unique pioneering technology. Our team is proud to support it from the very start, from a preliminary cost estimation for investment, its implementation and financing schedule. Moreover, technology was the focus point of a concept design as it is the heart of the future facility’ – comments Pawel Rzodkiewicz, Business Development Manager.

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