Press release: With Industrial 360°, Bilfinger Tebodin creates a virtual factory and provides new perspectives for Belgian industry


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The consultancy and engineering firm Bilfinger Tebodin, based in Zwijndrecht, Antwerp, is introducing ‘Industrial 360°’ on the Belgian market. This simple and affordable visualization solution creates a virtual factory that is accessible online for companies in the chemicals-, food-, pharmaceutical- and industrial sectors. Utilizing this photorealistic environment, they can quickly determine the impact of new planning, design, or adjustments on the site. A well-thought-out approach, passion for innovation, and enthusiasm of Bilfinger Tebodin are the key elements responsible for the strong growth of the company in Belgium.

The Industrial 360° virtual factory is affordable, fast, accessible online, and enables industrial organizations to visualize new designs, or modifications to their factory or installation, in a photorealistic environment. In this virtual environment, it is possible to navigate freely and add user instructions, video clips, or other relevant information to locations on the site.

Furthermore, Industrial 360° creates an environment based on 3D point data, with a view to facilitating concept- and basic engineering. This service is an excellent enhancement to working in virtual reality, which Bilfinger Tebodin has already offered in Belgium for some time. Stefan Ceulemans, commercial director of Bilfinger Tebodin, comments: "Industrial 360° is a prime example of the innovative and sustainable solutions through which we apply our expertise, for the focus markets in Belgium: chemicals, food, pharma, and industrial."

Faster and cheaper
Using a special 360° camera and accompanying software, an average factory can be scanned in just two hours, which is faster and cheaper than the traditional laser scanner. The camera combines the 3D environment with additional data in order to provide insights into all possible designs and executions. Consequently, training can also be conducted in the virtual environment instead of at a physical location.

Growth in Belgium
The team of consultants and engineers has seen strong growth in their order book due to innovation and enthusiasm. The list of projects is impressive, including factory modifications at large petrochemical companies, HAZOP studies and updates of safety valve calculations, new state-of-the-art laboratories in the pharma sector, renovation of a very outdated production unit in the food sector and expansion of an existing glue-production facility.

"Thanks to our targeted approach that fulfil the immediate needs of our customers, our services are highly valued", states Ceulemans. "As a result, we are expanding and doubling our current office space. We also plan to open a second branch at a new strategic location. Consequently, we are eagerly seeking motivated new employees and can reward them with a unique opportunity to contribute to the further development of our company in a rapidly-growing business.