Press release: Management appointment at Tebodin


The Hague, the Netherlands - April 15, 2014 - The Executive Board of Bilfinger SE appointed Mr. R. (Robert) Claasen in the Board of Directors of Tebodin B.V..
After his study Chemical Engineering, Mr. Robert Claasen (48) worked for Tebodin from 1992  to 1996 – as process engineer and as manager Central and Eastern Europe. In 1996 he joined DSM where he fulfilled several positions. His current position is Managing Director DSM Synres.
With effect from June 1, 2014 the management of Tebodin consists of:
Mr. J.P.A (Jack) Overkamp (Chairman), Mr. P. (Petr) Bilek, Mr. R. (Robert) Claasen and, Mr. A.R. (Arjan) Rougoor (CFO).

Further information: Brigit Stokman, + 31 (0)70 348 07 19.