Press release: Bilfinger Tebodin introduces Cost Control Service to support investment decisions


Bilfinger Tebodin introduced a database, to optimally support clients during investment projects. The consultants and engineers collected detailed construction cost data of more than 100 EPCm (Engineering, Procurement and Construction management) projects, realized as from 2010, and built a complete analysis of these costs.

The database enables Bilfinger Tebodin to compare monitored costs over the last years in different countries and their progress in time. The available data material provides a detailed view on specific parts of costs including a benchmark. The countries of which monitored costs are incorporated in the database currently are Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. 

An analysis of construction costs offers a total cost summary and insight in costs of specified parts of the construction, like grading works, load bearing structures, concretes and roads. Included is a building cost ratio for all monitored construction parts per country as well. The analysis can also show possible progress, trends and expected developments in costs.

Niels van Rhenen, CEO Bilfinger Tebodin: ‘Every investment project has cost control challenges. With our extensive knowledge on industrial costs, we are able to support our clients with cost control in all phases of the development – from feasibility study up to the construction phase. It’s really valuable for clients and investors to compare monitored costs in different countries and their progress within a time period.‘

Bilfinger Tebodin continues with collecting data of each finalized project to keep the data base up to date.

A white paper has been developed for clients who would like to learn more about this specific service. Click here