Presenting Bilfinger Tebodin to the future generation


At Bilfinger Tebodin, our consultants and engineers create a future proof industry with a positive impact on our environment. Three of our colleagues recently presented our company and their profession to the future generation: kids. Invited by the primary schools of their children as part of career day, they talked about topics such as sustainability, the environment, recycling and engineering. Read their stories below.

Michiel van der Meer – Consultant Environmental Management

“Sustainability is also caring for the generations after us. Recently, I was delighted to stand before this generation: group 4 (age 6-8), my sons class. From my role as Environmental Manager, I talked about what we need to do now to create a clean and environmentally friendly environment later (for them). All environmental topics came along and I received enthusiastic questions in which they focused on their own environment. A critical and enthusiastic audience who quickly understood the need to care for the environment and your surroundings in the long term. Now us?”

Diana Seijs – Senior Consultant Sustainability

“As a sustainability consultant, I went to my children’s school with a crate full of supplies to tell them what I do every day: give advice to big companies to be more sustainable. I put my laptop and phone on the table and told them that I work with them every day and that I do this together with people from all over the Netherlands, and sometimes from Poland or America. The children were impressed. Because sustainability is quite a difficult concept, I chose the theme of recycling to show what we can do with waste. ‘Did you know that we can make a beautiful blanket out of these plastic bottles?’ Based on this question, I talked about separating materials (removing a glued paper label), using (natural) dyes and how we can prevent waste with a reusable bottle.

What did the class think of my story? They were amazed that waste can become something useful and they came up with their own creative solutions for making natural green dye. The topic of sustainability doesn’t really play a big role in schools, and there is still a world to be won in that, but that is not due to the enthusiasm of the children (and teacher).”

Rudi Fransen – Director Engineering Quality & Continuous Improvement

“Wow, what a great day! In the context of the Dutch children’s book week with the theme ‘professions’, I was asked to talk about my profession in the kindergarten class of my oldest child: inventing factories. The kids reacted enthusiastic to the tools that we need for this (something with a laptop and an empty book?), we thought about all the things that could come from factories (toys, desserts, and stuff in the classroom), and I shared a bit of my passion for technology using a pancake factory, which of course had to be tasted!”