Presentation about serialization on ISPE conference on November 22, 2018


On November 22nd the ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) conference about Project Management and Serialization will take place in Breda (the Netherlands). During the conference 50 leaders out of the life science industry will gather and attend multiple presentations about project management and serialization as well as a networking dinner.   

Dr. Adriaan van Loon, pharmaceutical specialist at Bilfinger Tebodin will present at the conference about serialization. We observe interesting trends in the market such as: digitalization, shorter time-to-market and globalization. Especially in times of globalization, serialization is important. Adriaan van Loon, pharmaceutical specialist will in his presentation elaborate on the challenges and opportunities by showing some practical examples of serialization.

Adriaan van Loon
Adriaan graduated at the Catholic University Nijmegen and got his PhD at the University of Utrecht. He is working in the international pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years and fulfilled various roles in research, development and building GMP biotech production facilities and laboratories in different countries in Europe and Asia. Adriaan was also involved in setting up new companies, restructuring organizations, due diligence and managing international organizations in various countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA. The world is constantly changing and we have to adapt and seek for opportunities together to achieve win-win situations. Adriaan is a highly motivated person with strong communication skills. He likes to help the industry in finding the right solutions within the right time frame and budget.

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