Paint shop Jaguar Land Rover in BIM


Jaguar Land Rover is planning to build a new car production plant in Nitra, Slovakia. VCES/Bouygues, as a general building contractor, involved Tebodin to design the Paint Shop building with the total floor area approx. 53,000 m². VCES is providing comprehensive construction services from project and paperwork preparation to implementation in Slovakia. The Tebodin engineers executed the architectural and structural design for cast-in-place structures, as well as overall project BIM coordination within all involved disciplines. Tebodin Project Manager Martin Klepetko on the project: ‘As many of the designed parts are executed by a variety of subcontractors, this project is quite complex. We therefore agreed at the beginning of the project to use BIM’. With BIM procedures, requirements, clash detections and design reviews limit mistakes. It coordinates design between all involved parties and avoids reworks on the construction phase, saving time and money.

Tebodin’s Lviv office in Ukraine supports the design phase. Project Manager Lyubomyr Veselivskyy: ‘We provide the drawings and oversee its services performance. These days, more and more clients specifically ask for BIM, knowing the advantages it offers’.

Watch the video to learn more about the usage of BIM technology.