Our services for your energy audit


In 2012 the European Union announced a legal obligation, the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), for large companies to carry out an energy audit before the 5th of December of this year. The EED applies to large companies that have over 250 employees or over 50 million euros of turnover. The energy audit has to be carried out every four years. We offer two services to meet the requirements of the European Union and to support our clients in their ambitions.

A successful implementation will provide big advantages for your company. You will gain insights in your company’s potential to save energy. With this, you will benefit from a lower energy consumption, accompanied by lower costs in the long term.

Our energy and environmental consultants have the knowledge to perform the energy audit or to direct the implementation of the energy management system ISO50001 into your company. We can include the energy audit within our smart services concept. Our experts will analyze your potential savings and define the smartest way to realize them. We guarantee your energy savings and can both realize and finance them. For more information download this market sheet on guaranteed energy savings.

We are ready to assist in reaching your energy goals and to guide you during the complete implementation. If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.