Office Shanghai moved to a new office location


On May 11, 2015, Tebodin’s operation in Shanghai moved to a new office location in Lingkong SOHO Park. The impressive office building aims to provide a strong visual and programmatic identity which establishes a unique destination in its own right. Such identity consists of an exclusive program mix consolidated in three different destination-thematic ‘Courtyards’-representing distinct clusters of activities, and an exceptional architecture that modules such a program into a landmark.

This new location, with the dynamic curvilinear building, represents our flexible, client-oriented approach. Since 2002, we are active in China. In 2004, a permanent engineering company was set up in Shanghai officially.
Contact details of the new office:
Room 901, No. 6 Building
No.968 Jinzhong Road,
Lingkong SOHO Park
Changning District
Shanghai, China
Phone +86 21 8026 1526