Nuon places huge buffer vessel designed by Tebodin


Tebodin has helped improving Nuon’s business case for district heating significantly, by designing an immense hot water vessel. The vessel contains 1,200 m³ of 125°C hot water and is placed in Duiven, in the Netherlands.

Recently, the enormous vessel was transported over water and land towards its final destination on the site of waste service provider AVR Duiven.

Nuon operates the district heating grids of Arnhem and Duiven in the east of the Netherlands and has decided to connect them using underground piping. Pipeline specialists from Tebodin have done the design for this.
In order to maximize the utilization of the waste incinerator of AVR a buffer vessel was selected to store excess heat which can be used in times of shortage. The vessel is also used as expansion vessel and emergency make-up and is pressurized using electric steam boilers.