News release: Tebodin opens new office in Elsloo, Limburg


Wednesday, June 22, Mayor Marion Leurs-Mordang of the Municipality of Stein opened the new Tebodin office in Elsloo. Tebodin chose to open their new office in Business Park Stein because of the excellent infrastructure and the close proximity of industrial park Chemelot.

Tebodins Engineering Director Peter Janssen: ‘To us, it’s very important to be close to the Chemelot site, because it’s the beating heart of the Limburg industry. Our new office is near the highway and the train station and accommodates 85 engineers and consultants working for various industries.’

Innovation power
Mayor Leurs-Mordang: ‘We are proud of the fact that an international operating company like Tebodin establishes in our community. Engineering and consulting company Tebodin is a true asset for our Business Park Stein and offers high grade jobs with much innovation power. So we give Tebodin a warm welcome. Tebodin’s choice for Business park Stein underlines our attractiveness for businesses, because of the excellent accessibility and the close proximity of industrial park Chemelot’.

Worldwide experience used regionally
Tebodin has been working for nearly 50 years in the South of The Netherlands, for both regional and international clients. Managing Director Niels van Rhenen: ‘We have great ambitions in various industrial sectors. We see a lot of opportunities in innovation, technical developments and new models of co-operating. Based on our worldwide knowledge and experience, we are capable of exceeding our clients’ expectations. From our new Elsloo office, we offer our regional clients the best possible service.’