News release: Tebodin launches new service for scaling up startups in the circular economy


Tebodin, part of Bilfinger, announces the launch of a new service: scaling up startups. As part of its efforts to promote the transition to a circular economy, Tebodin focuses its new service on successfully scaling up bio-based and circular economy startups into mature companies. Tebodin provides these startups with engineering support, knowledge and expertise, investment partners and a network of clients and suppliers.

Essential resources
While many circular initiatives are launched, few are able to independently scale up into mature businesses. Startups may be successful at lab scale, but often struggle to reach the next level of a full-scale process plant. Tebodin will in many cases be able to provide them with the resources they need. In a four-step approach from study through pilot and demo we will validate the initiative, attract clients and investors and finally scale up the initiative to commercial size. 

Working in partnership
Engineering for startups requires a different approach than engineering for conventional engineering processes. Working as partners in a single, flexible team will effectuate the most efficient approach. In this partnership startups will continue to operate independently, but with the practical and efficient support of Tebodin consultancy and engineering.

For more information, please visit our webpage Scaling up Startups.