MSD facility currently transformed by Tebodin


Minimal production loss with the ‘storyboard method’

Pharmaceutical facilities need to be continuous compliant with the newest standards in the market and with various changing regulations and circumstances. This also applies to the MSD Animal Health Facility in Burgwedel, Germany. MSD wanted the facility to be modernized and started the so called ZGI project (Zoning & GMP Improvement) in 2013. The project was challenged to minimize the production loss during the construction activities to the absolute minimum. After finalization of the basic engineering in 2015, Tebodin and its German sister company Bilfinger Bauperformance were awarded as the EPCm contractor for this project (Engineering, Procurement and Construction management). The project has as target to have the production facility upgraded by October 2017. The ‘storyboard method’ resulted in optimal communication between all stakeholders. Good, clear and understandable communication and the creation of one multidisciplinary team is the fundament to success.

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Peter Jansen (MSD) and Jan Vermetten (Tebodin)